Today GnE I-Trading has set up a few companies in the Asia Pacific region, and there are several servicing center as well in other countries. GnE I-Trading group companies include GnE-HMP Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), PT. GnE Indonesia, GnE International Ltd. (Hong Kong), GnE International (Taiwan) Co. Ltd and Biofirion International Ltd. (Hong Kong). GnE I-Trading will continue to stride forward to establish a global network of companies.

GnE-HMP Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) is functioning as a product research and development center as well as a resource center. It is responsible for GnE I-Trading’s products "Know-how" technology, and plays an important role in product research and development. In addition to product information training, this company also supports sales and marketing activities for the other subsidiary companies. GnE Malaysia, GnE Indonesia, GnE Hong Kong and GnE Taiwan responsible for promoting sales and at the same time functioning as International product sales and servicing center. they are also global product sales and service locations. In line with the company’s mission in promoting and implementing of the philosophy of company, Biofirion International Ltd. Hong Kong is a newly established company serving as a special organization in carrying out charity activities with its charity education system.

Over the years the company has gone through difficult time. There is strong foundation for the company success. In this healthcare industry. A solid financial background, good financial management, good leadership, sound marketing system, professional knowledge, positive organizational culture, coupled with high-quality products and services are the basis for the success of GnE I-Trading. Of course, main factor that allow us to grow steadily, to continue to move forward are the upholding of the conviction and adhering to the principle of good faith.

To be an international leading company in healthcare industry; through its outstanding high quality healthcare products and services, it aims to promote a healthy, harmonious and prosperous society.

  • To serve the market, enhance their health and prosper the people it serves through its high quality, healthy, hygienic and contamination free products.
  • To exploit the latest technology with emphasis on know-how and professionality; in a continuous effort to develop high quality, modern, sophisticated and innovative products.
  • To enhance the health awareness and input correct health concept among the people; play an active role in its social responsibility.



GnE I-Trading has been committed to trading and development of the healthcare products. With years of experiences in healthcare industry, constant updating of healthcare knowledge, active participation in international technology exchange, and great concern in healthcare industry trends; not only staying front-end of the trend, GnE I-Trading even develops its own concept of health and wellness, and a series of unique and innovative healthcare products. We believe that only when we follow the laws of nature then only can we have health. GnE I-Trading has developed a range of energy products and natural healthcare products in search for the approach in "having health through natural way".

This series of high-quality and well-certified products have gain market recognition, Asian celebrities, artists and politicians are the loyal consumers of our healthcare products. With confidence in the quality of the product, we have patented our energy series product with the name “BIOFirion®“. This drives us into a new milestone in expanding the company’s competitiveness and product vitality. And we are convincing that BIOFirion® could go through the global market and will be recognised and dominate the global market in future.


Starting as MLM business, and as time changes, the company began to develop a new direction in marketing, that is trading business marketing. The company’s CEO and top management have been in the area of direct sales and healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Not only they are well experienced, highly capable and knowledgeable, they are also provident and prophetic.

Since its establishment, the company has created a robust, comprehensive marketing system; bring not only the health, but also opportunities for individual to create wealth. With sound marketing system, excellent strategy and a series of promotion programs, GnE I-Trading has changed many people's lives, and contributes to the region's economic prosperity.

We have the management team with rich experience and depth knowledge, together with the support from highly motivated business partner, GnE I-Trading has break a fresh ground in the healthcare business world. In vast corporate world of GnE I-Trading, anybody who are pursuing dream career and who value the healthy life, GNE I-Trading provides them the best health career development platform, with virtue of their ability to achieve the peak of success.

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